Catering Ideas That Could Transform Your Restaurant Business

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Owning a restaurant alone takes immense dedication and man hours to maintain. When you have set a proper system in place to manage your restaurant, you can look for other options to increase revenue to your business. The major trend most restaurant owners are following in recent days is starting a catering service along with your restaurant. Perfectly designed catering ideas could boost your business on great proportions.

You may feel that catering would be easy because you are aquatinted with the food business. This is a very common misconception and could lead to losses very soon. You need to prepare and plan before undertaking catering service. Here are few catering ideas to take your delicious food to more people at various different locations.

Pick your type

There are many ways of doing catering service. You can choose to provide carry out/delivery, private parities, and full service catering. Each type comes with its own challenges and difficulties. Choose what you can deliver and make necessary arrangements to your existing system to accommodate the work-load. Make sure you can deliver what your clients require in the same quality that you offer in your restaurant.

Customize your Menu

Your regular dine in menu may not be suitable for catering as well. Customize a menu that would be easy during catering. While making customizations, give different menu options and different pricing which would help your customers to choose and pick according to their needs. It is also important to understand that there are certain dishes that you can’t serve during catering like the way you do in your restaurant. Make relevant changes and make the menu interesting.

Expand your kitchen

It is vital to understand that catering is extra from what you are already providing that the restaurant. You have to either plan the timing of your staff to accommodate extra work or expand your facility. You also need to make changes around the kitchen to prepare and transport food that you prepare to the catering site efficiently and hygienically. There are special catering equipment that is required to service in various locations during catering, acquiring and leasing these equipment accordingly could boost your profit margins.

Manage your finances

When preparing the costing for catering, take all the variables involved into account including food, labor, maintenance, packaging, and delivery. Take time to understand what are the specific equipment that you would need for each catering appointment and make plans accordingly. Managing for your finances right would improve your business efficiency.

Improve yourself with resources

Improvement happens when there is the quest for knowledge. You have to constantly improve yourself to stay ahead of the competition in this business. Gerody Murphy’s book ‘Opening a Restaurant’ offers incredible restaurant and catering ideas which could boost the income of your restaurant multiple fold. Be smart and stay ahead of the game with the right literature.

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