Primary Steps to Restaurant Advertising

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Restaurant Advertising

Restaurants are businesses that thrive through advertising. You can’t have new customers walking in every day without proper advertising. Very few restaurants which have already established their brand and are situated in a prime location don’t need advertising. Every other restaurant, be it a new one or a one that has been around for years, you need to spend for advertising. Restaurant advertising could be highly expensive. Here are few ways to succeed in restaurant advertising.

Find Your Audience

When it comes to the drawing board of advertising, finding the target audience is the very first step. Find out who likes your food, find coincidental patterns in the people who visit your restaurant, analyze and think who would like your food. If you are a new restaurant, you have to be even more careful while choosing your target audience as the people who you want to enter your restaurant may actually be very different from the people who like your restaurant.

Choose your Platform

In the digital age, there are many ways of advertising that are available. They are usually divided into two major groups, Offline and Digital. Offline advertising includes print ads, tv ads, radio ads and all other tradition forms of advertising. Going digital you have many options as well where you can choose where your audience are and how to reach them like Google Adwords, Facebook advertising and much more. When it comes to choosing the platform to advertise your restaurant, it is good to spend on both offline and online and later optimize the ad spends to the option that provides better ROI.

Plan Your Ad-Spends

Ad spends are the major expense when it comes to advertising. This involves buying ad space be it offline or in digital media. However, it is important to know that creating ads would also require money. Designing ads and writing attractive ad copies would cost you money. When it comes to planning your advertising costs, you have to manage the cost of creating the ads and your ad spends in the right balance to derive better results.

Stay Relevant Throughout the Year

While creating advertising campaigns during peak seasons like Christmas and the 4th of July are mandatory, running advertisements during off-season are just as effective. You can improve daily walk-ins, improve your brand’s visibility, and gain recognition by advertising throughout the year. You can also advertise your promotions to engage your customers to be more active with your restaurant. Running advertisements all year round also creates an impression you are a bustling and successful restaurant.

Learn the Intricacies

There are many intricate details that could spell success or failure in restaurant advertising. Gerody Murphy has over 2 decades of experience in opening successful restaurants around the world. He has drafted innovate advertising strategies that have worked for hundreds of restaurants. You can utilize this elusive knowledge by reading his book ‘Opening a Restaurant from Inception to Reception’ costing just $39.95.   

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