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Any Restaurant is successful only if it has regular customers. Many foodies try out one place for once and never return. A study featured in the Vertical Response website shows that if the dining experience in memorable, there is 80% chance for your customers to return to your restaurant. So, how do you give your customers to have a memorable experience at your restaurant? Here are few restaurant ideas to keep customers coming back and your business buzzing.

Music Nights:

Many big musicians and starts fondly remember the small restaurant they were first given a opportunity to display their talent. Your restaurant could be one too. You could organize a jazz night, DJ night, etc and feature local musicians. This would bring new audience into your restaurant and patrons of music could become regulars at your restaurant. You could also leverage this to get a better PR for your restaurant.

Chef Interactions:

Many foodies are interested in what is going on behind the scenes of your restaurant. They are also interested to know who is preparing their food and how it is made. Letting your customers to interact with your chef would improve transparency and also boost the morale of your chef. A chef’s greatest appreciation is the recognition of the customers they serve. This has dual benefits where your Chef is challenged continuously to deliver better quality food and your customers get the feeling that their suggestions are accepted.

Surprise your Guests:

Guests love surprises and there are many ways to surprise your customers at your restaurant. A free tasting of a new dish, wine tasting sessions, and a free dessert at the end of their meal, all help in surprising your customers. You can also identify the nights that are slow and give it a theme. If you are a restaurant that generally serves continental food, then you could serve Mexican or Chinese during the slow days. This displays your versatility and also gives you great ideas to improve the skills of your kitchen staff.

Pay Attention to Your Regulars:

It is very important to identify and interact with the regular patron of your restaurant. This may sound easy but many do not take their regular customers seriously. Regular customers expect to be recognized. This doesn’t necessarily mean that they expect favors, but genuinely interacting with them when they arrive and asking them about their experience when they leave would keep them happy. Regular customers are your primary source of your word-of-mouth marketing. Keeping them happy will make you successful.

Look for Time Tested Ideas:

The restaurant business has been around for centuries and there are several time tested ideas for you to implement in your restaurant. Some the most successful restaurant ideas are featured in Gerody Murphy’s book ‘Opening a Restaurant from Inception to Reception’. Costing just $ 39.95, the book holds a treasure of restaurant ideas to promote your business and keep it buzzing.


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